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《テイタ ”ヤレ紙コラージュバージョン”》


《トロイメライ》 Träumerei



《月夜》 Tsukiyo (Moonlit Night)
写真集『月夜』より、墓前の供花を写した作品。死者に捧げられた花々の、その枯れゆく姿はちょうど生と死の中間に位置しているようにも 見え、また新たな命の始まりも感じさせます。




Sakiko Nomura|Träumerei Special Edition

A limited edition portfolio which contains a unique print by the artist and sixteen collotype prints in a handmade box with lapis lazuli on the cover by craftspeople in Kyoto.


16 collotype prints (11 of “Träumerei”, 5 of “Tsukiyo”), and 1 unique print “TEITA [collage on waste paper ver.] “ by the artist with certificate of authenticity.


TEITA [collage on waste paper ver.]

‘Waste paper (yaregami)’ is paper that is generated during print production and discarded (loss paper for adjustment to maintain quality). In collotype printing, various images are unintentionally printed on it as it is used in various jobs to adjust the plates before the actual prints are made. Nomura focused on this accidental collage and created a new work by printing her work on waste paper.



The portfolio title “Träumerei” is known as a piano song by German composer Robert Schumann, and is a word that means “dream” or “reverie”. As suggested by these words, the six works featured here are characterized by a mixture of travel memories and intimacy, and are reminiscent of images that resemble daydreams. Although the city is the title of the work, the two different images were not necessarily taken there, but rather the title was given to each set of two photographs that Nomura put together when creating this portfolio.


Tsukiyo (Moonlit Night)

These are five works from the photographic collection “Tsukiyo” (moonlit night), published in 2023. The photographs, taken on damaged old films, have a mysterious atmosphere as if the time in which the film was stored has been captured in the landscape. Three works published in monochrome in the book are also presented in their original color by collotype in this exhibition.


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