ICOM KYOTO 2019: 2019.9.3

第25回 ICOM(国際博物館会議)京都大会2019

2019年、ここ京都では秋の始まりにふさわしく、第25回ICOM(国際博物館会議)京都大会2019 が開催されました。文化をつなぐミュージアムー伝統を未来へーと題して開催された本企画では、世界141の国と地域から、3000人を超える博物館関係者が来日、京都に集まりました。会期中の2019年9月3日には、多くのブースが立ち並ぶANNEX HALLの一角にスペースをお借りし、コロタイプの手刷りが体験できるワークショップを開催いたしました。


Collotype Hand-printing Workshop at ICOM
*第25回 ICOM(国際博物館会議)京都大会2019は9月1日~7日に開催
会場:京都国際会館ANNEX HALL Networking Lounge / Workshop


The 25th ICOM (International Congress of Museums) Kyoto Congress 2019

In 2019, the 25th ICOM (International Council of Museums) Kyoto Congress 2019 was held here in Kyoto to mark the beginning of autumn. More than 3,000 museum professionals from 141 countries and regions around the world came to Kyoto for the event, which was held under the title "Museums Linking Cultures: Tradition for the Future. During the exhibition, on September 3, 2019, we rented a space at ANNEX HALL, where many booths were lined up, and held a workshop where visitors could experience hand-printing collotypes.

Many people were busy looking around the booths from Japan and abroad with many materials in their hands, and were anxious to start planning their next lectures and other events. In spite of this, more than 100 people stopped by our workshop and enjoyed the new experience of collotyping with a twinkle in their eyes. We look forward to seeing you again somewhere in the future.

Collotype Hand-printing Workshop at ICOM
Date:Tuesday, September 3, 2019 10:00-16:00
Venue:Kyoto International Conference Center : Annex Hall Networking Lounge / Workshop