1st Anniversary Exhibition @Collotype Gallery

「便利堂コロタイプアカデミーが開校から一周年を迎えます! 」



さらに、今回の展覧会では来場者投票を集めました。それぞれ5作品への投票を依頼し、トップに輝いた作品の作者へはコロタイプアカデミーの工房一日リピーター使用権が贈られます。計79人の投票から見事に27票を獲得し一位に輝いた作品はロンドンにお住いの写真家、Julia Grassiさんの淡いブルーに刷りあげられたポートレート作品でした。

日時:2018年7月30日(月)~ 8月10日(金)13:00-17:00


Benrido Collotype Academy celebrates its first anniversary!

Since its opening on July 29, 2017, Benrido Collotype Academy has been offering hand-printed collotypes to many people for the purpose of preserving cultural assets, for photographers and artists to create their own works, and for individuals to keep their precious photographs as a special piece of art. We have already had many people enjoy hand-printed collotypes. To celebrate its first anniversary, we held an exhibition to display the many masterpieces produced at the school and to raise expectations for the future of the ever-refining collotype technique.
In the exhibition, we displayed all the archived works that we received from past students. In response to our prior announcement, some of the participants sent in their works that they had taken home for the exhibition, so there were a total of 45 participants and 53 works in total.
In addition, we collected votes from visitors to the exhibition. Visitors were asked to vote for five works each, and the creator of the work that won the top prize received the right to use the Collotype Academy studio as a repeater for one day. The work that won first place with 27 votes from a total of 79 voters was a portrait printed in pale blue by Julia Grassi, a photographer living in London.

Date & Time: Monday, July 30 - Friday, August 10, 2018 13:00-17:00
Venue: Benrido Collotype Gallery