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Interview|Clint Woodside 

As part of the HARIBAN AWARD 2024 programme, we interviewed one of this year’s Juror Clint Woodside, Photographer, curator and founder of Deadbeat Club.

Could you please tell us about your first encounter with photography and art?

Clint Woodside (CW):    I grew up 40 minutes away from the home of Kodak, in Buffalo, NY, a steel town held together by industry, so photography has always been a part of my world, but I think it was not until high school where I really learned what was possible with a camera and film. Digital was not part of the process yet, and seeing the magic of what happens when chemicals hit emulsion and the endless experimentation you can get into in a darkroom, that’s when I really was consumed by photography. The possibilities are endless. Thank you to Mr. Tommisulo, my high school photography teacher, for unlocking all this magic.



As a photographer, you have always published your work in photobooks. Could you please share with us your thoughts on the photobook as a medium in terms of presenting a body of work?

CW:   I think this may stem back from making zines like I did when I first started sharing my work. At first I was making zines with friends about hardcore and punk shows I was going to in Buffalo, then we would take these zines to other towns as a way of a kind of news report about what was happening in my town. we would share with others from other towns, and they would share with us, and it was a meaningful way of keeping up with each other. this was all before the internet was part of our daily lives, and i think because of that, because of the lack of easy broadcasting that exists because of things like instagram and tiktok or whatever is the newest one of this kind… because that was not part of our lives, I really found a love of the physical object, like a book.

Most other ways work is shown involve speed and scrolling quickly through picture after picture, with the randomness of an algorithm that is forced on you, but with work in book form, it demands time and thought, it lets you sit and look, and hopefully understand a larger idea. 


Publications ©Clint Woodside


Deadbeat Club has produced photobooks featuring various contemporary photographers. Please share with us your way of seeing and approach which you find important in working with the artists to create these photobooks.

CW:   The way we approach working with artists far more personally than others I think. We have to know the person as well as we know their work. For us this is largely a family affair. Because of this strong relationship, we have a great understanding that while editing and talking about the work, any critiques we may have are only brought up, because we are all just trying to make the best version of what this work can be, and not meant to upset the artist or belittle them. Sometimes editing can be brutal, but knowing that we are all in this together and aiming for the same goal makes it a more understanding process.


Publications ©Deadbeat Club


What are your thoughts on the future of photobooks and the act of printing works in this ever-evolving digital age? 

CW:   I think that an environment where more people have the opportunity to make books and explore more democratic options for sharing work is a great thing. I am still a big fan of quality over quantity of course. but any opportunity to spread work that a person is excited about is a great one. 

I am still a very big fan of the tangible, and a big book collector myself, it’s why I started making books for myself and others… So I think that physical objects like books and prints are still where my heart lies… but we take great advantage of all the avenues we can to share the work in our books and from our community. 


HARIBAN AWARD 2020 Grand Prize Winner Maude Arsenault (left) and Clint Woodside
Maude Arsenault “ENTANGLED”, published by Deadbeat Club 
Maude Arsenault “Resurfacing“, published by Deadbeat Club 

The grand prize winner of the Hariban Award will have the opportunity to come to Kyoto to collaborate with the craftspeople on finishing the collotype prints. How do you think this process will inspire the artists?

CW:   What an incredible opportunity! Not only will the winner be immersed in the history and culture of Kyoto, but also the tradition of the collotype process that Benrido keeps alive. We were lucky to enjoy a one-day workshop with Mr. Yamamoto and brought home collotypes that we printed from existing plates. There is no doubt that after a 2 week residency, the winning artist will be inspired by the care, patience and attention to detail with which their work is masterfully printed – manually adding inks and blotting them away as needed for the perfect reproduction… And the end result, seeing your own photos produced with the level of quality entrusted by the Japanese government to ensure proper restoration & maintenance of historic cultural monuments, that’s inspiring in itself.


What advice do you have for artists who are thinking of applying for the 2024 Hariban Award?

CW:   What are you waiting for? Don’t miss this opportunity. As part of the jury, I’ll personally be on the lookout for work with a wide range of tones, as I think that will be beautiful to see as a collotype… I am very excited to also see a new pool of work and can’t wait to sink my teeth into it all!


Clint Woodside

Photographer, curator and founder of Deadbeat Club

Clint Woodside is a photographer, curator and founder of Deadbeat Club, an acclaimed independent publishing house rooted in contemporary photography. Based in Los Angeles, Woodside works with artists around the world with the expectation of close collaboration and long standing partnership. With thoughtful design, innovative editing and meticulous print quality, each title is one Deadbeat Club is proud to share with its community. Woodside has curated shows and exhibited work extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and the US.

HARIBAN AWARD 2024 の審査員インタビュー第二弾として、写真家であり、出版社 Deadbeat Club 創設者、キュレーターのクリント・ウッドサイドさんにインタビューをおこないました。







出版物リスト ©Clint Woodside

Deadbeat Clubの活動では、多彩な現代写真の作家を取り上げて写真集を制作されています。作家と一緒にこだわった写真集を練り上げていく中で、大切にされている視点やポリシーを教えてください。




Deadbeat Clubの出版物 ©Deadbeat Club






HARIBAN AWARD 2020の最優秀賞受賞者 モード・アルセノーさん(左)とクリント・ウッドサイドさん
Deadbeat Clubから出版されたモード・アルセノーさんの写真集「ENTANGLED」
Deadbeat Clubから出版されたモード・アルセノーさんの写真集「RESURFACING」


HARIBAN AWARDは、最優秀賞を受賞すると京都に来て職人とコラボレーションをしコロタイプを仕上げます。作家にどのようなインスピレーションを与えると期待しますか?





何を待っているのしょうか?この機会をお見逃しなく!審査員の一人として、幅広い濃淡で表現された作品を楽しみにしています。コロタイプで見た時にとても美しいと思う。また新しい作品群に出会えることも楽しみで す。作品を見ることに没頭するのが待ちきれません!



写真家、出版社 Deadbeat Club 創設者、キュレーター

写真家、キュレーター。現代写真に根ざしたインディペンデント出版社として高い評価を得ているDeadbeat Clubの創設者でもある。ロサンゼルスを拠点とするウッドサイドは、緊密なコラボレーションと長期にわたるパートナーシップを期待して、世界中のアーティストと仕事をしている。考え抜かれたデザイン、革新的な編集、入念な印刷品質により、各タイトルはDeadbeat Clubが誇りを持ってコミュニティと共有できるものとなっている。ウッドサイドは、ヨーロッパ、アジア、オーストラリア、アメリカなどで展覧会を企画し、幅広く作品を展示している。