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The Winners of the Hariban Award 2017

Once again the contest has attracted entries from an astonishing array of accomplished artists. It is with great pleasure that we announce this year’s winners, and invite you to sample their work through the images below.



Grand Prize Winner
Stephen Gill
Statement by Takumi Suzuki, CEO Benrido

As we announce this year’s winners of the HARIBAN AWARD, it is my pleasure to note the enthusiasm which the contest, now in its fourth year, continues to generate among photographers internationally. The judges’ task was made ever more difficult by the unprecedented number of outstanding submissions, 439 entries in all, from all over the world. Among them, the extraordinary work of this year’s winner, Stephen Gill, stands out for its depth, mystery, and visual effects, which uncannily bridges the gap between the subject and its image.


Stephen Gill, this year’s HARIBAN AWARD winner, is a London native now residing in rural South Sweden. Immersed in photography and fascinated by the world around him from early youth, he photographed his East London surroundings extensively before moving to Sweden and pursuing dramatically different subjects. His winning Night Procession series evokes the mystery of the forest at night, by challenging us to see the unseen. I look forward with interest to seeing Stephen’s vision expressed in the collotype medium.


代表取締役CEO 鈴木巧からのステートメント


今年もアワード受賞者の発表の時がきました。今年で4年目になるHARIBAN AWARDですが、日本そして海外で参加するにあたっての写真家の意気込みを感じられるのを嬉しく思います。今年は世界各国から過去最高の応募数が集まったこともあり、審査員の方達は今まで以上に困難な審査過程になったと思います。その中でもミステリアスで奥が深い、Stephen Gillさんの作品が選ばれました。彼の作品は今までの「写真」と被写体の関係を曖昧にする魅力を感じます。


Stephen Gillさんはロンドン出身で現在はスウェーデンの地方に住んでいます。小さい時から自分の周りの世界に興味をもち、そして写真に触れてきたこともあり、スウェーデンに移るまでに東ロンドン地区を中心に幅広い被写体に挑戦をしてきました。今回応募した作品のシリーズ「Night Processoion」では見えないものを見せるかのように、夜の森の不気味さ表現していると思います。彼の作品が便利堂でのコラボを通してどのようなプリントになっていくか今から楽しみです。


© Stephen Gill
Juror’s Choice Award

The jury awarded three photographers special recognition for their excellent work. These photographers will have their work published in the Collotype catalogue.


  • Paul Cupido
  • Leticia Ramos
  • Bruno Roels
  • Carly Steinbrunn
Master Printer’s Choice Award
  • Atsunobu Kohira

Honourable Mentions

Six additional photographers received honourable mentions.


  • Zeng Ge
  • Mariya Kozhanova
  • Philip LePage
  • Edgar Martins
  • Laura Pannack
  • Maurice Scheltens & Liesbeth Abbenes
  • Michael Vahrenwald